My name is Annette Still an everyday person who wanted to help animals that were being mistreated.

My heart was on fire to change lives for so many animals in Crisis, The lost, hungry, scared, orphaned, neglected and hopeless ones. My husband and I decided to build a rescue cottage to save animals, We realized we could not save them all but we would help what we can.

Animal rescues, shelters and pet owners started to contact Pet Guardian asking for help. My husband and I are everyday people and my vision was to have a house just for animals. Our small Organization was blessed when friends offered to be Guardians and care for animals in crisis in their homes.

We have rescued ,rehomed and assisted 1890 animals including non social and special needs pets.
Our Mission is to help animals with compassion and humane treatment for lives in need.

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  • Our Rescue Cottage
  • Our adopted rescues

  • We have animals that are permanent residents due to special needs.

    Pet Guardian can only help animals with donations any amount is appreciated.